There are so many incredible areas to live in Ventura County. Some people are drawn nature and the aroma of California Live Oak trees in the hills of Ojai and Camarillo. Or docking their boat behind their home on the harbor at Ventura Keys or Mandalay Bay. For others it’s that quaint beach condo get-away in Port Hueneme.

Ventura County provides the most affordable coastal home prices in Southern California. And according to a study done by the Washington Post on “scenery and climate,” it is “the most desirable place to live in America.

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Oxnard is well known for its farmland and lush strawberry fields, however many are unaware of its pristine beaches and expansive harbor. With...

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Port Hueneme

The beach community of Port Hueneme is located just 20 minutes northn of Ventura County Line in Malibu. Nestled between Point Mugu and the nPort of...

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Ventura California

In 1782, the largest Chumash village in California was discovered by then leader of the Franciscans of Spain. Father Junipero Serra built his nninth...